G63. Bleach: Heat the Soul is a newest installment in the “Heat the Soul” series released on September 2, 2010. The main change in this game is a 4-players mode. Battles against giant characters have also been confirmed. New characters that have been announced are Annon (Ayon), Coyote Starrk (Los Lobos), Baraggan Luisenbarn (Arrogante), Tia Harribel (Tiburon), Yammy Riyalgo (Ira), Ulquiorra Cifer (Segunda Etapa), Ichigo Kurosaki (Full Hollow), Muramasa, Hachigen Ushoda, Love Aikawa and Shuren. There is a confirmed roster of 84 Characters for Heat the Soul 7.

BleachHeat the Soul7 1.mp40259



BleachHeat the Soul7 1.mp40269

BleachHeat the Soul7 1.mp40270

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