Darius Burst, or Dariusburst, is a game for PSP. Like previous Darius games, DariusBurst is an offbeat sci-fi shooter set in outer space with aquatic-themed (typically fish-shaped) robotic enemies. In keeping with tradition, the game also features branching paths instead of the linear progresssion found in most video games. There are a total of 11 zones in the game, with 5 stages per run.



1904 Darius Calendar – When a Belser virus rent the hyperspace network to tatters, every craft in the human space fleet with a network link was stripped of all communications capabilities. The ensuing chaos saw the entire fleet devastated in the blink of an eye. The Silver Hawk fighters were the only craft from Planet Darius to escape the massacre. Equipped with Burst technology, these two cutting-edge craft were entrusted to humanoid AI terminal Ti2 and test pilot Riga Pratica. Flying the Silver Hawk Burst fighters alone into enemy territory without network support, the two heroes braved overwhelming odds to secure victory and liberation for Darius.


It is now 1910 D.C., and repairs on the hyperspace network have begun to reconnect the pockets of humanity scattered across the vast reaches of space. Combat data transmitted from Darius soon sees Burstequipped Silver Hawk fighters constructed in every inhabited galaxy. The stage is set for mankind’s grand counteroffensive. A team of heroes takes wing, flying into battle and the pages of history.


The game play and flow maintains the consistency of previous Darius games: players fight the Belser Army through several stages and can choose to fight in different zones along different paths, ultimately reaching a different final boss and ending. Players can upgrade the firepower of their Silver Hawk space fighter with power-ups that affect the ship’s main firepower, secondary missiles and shield as well as additional power-ups that add to player’s score, extends or destroys every enemy on screen. The main differences include ship selection, the Burst System and the effect of weapons on enemy fire.

 Players have three types of main firepower to upgrade starting with Missile, Laser and ending in Wave Shot. As the ship receives further upgrades, the weapon placement will move up from Missile to Laser and Wave. However, many enemies throughout the game use similar shots and the player can destroy enemy shots depending on what they are. When using the Missile Shot, the Silver Hawk can destroy enemy missile shots and the same effect stands with Laser shots. The Wave shot however is consistent throughout the Darius series in its ability to fire through solid foreground objects.


The Burst System allows the player to unleash a powerful beam attack that can be positioned to fire in several directions. By tapping and holding the appropriate fire button, players can direct the Burst beam in any forward firing direction. The player can also fire their main shot while the Burst Beam is going, but doing so will keep the Beam in a fixed position. The Burst System is unique in that is recharged every time the Silver Hawk destroys something; whether it’s an enemy ship, similar enemy shot or destructible object, the drained Burst meter will be replenished upon that object’s destruction. However, the Belser Army has managed to reverse engineer the Burst System, allowing them access to this weapon for their larger battleships. Thus, similar to the Beam Duels of G-Darius and Metal Black, players can duel bosses armed with the Burst System.

The player can select one of three different Silver Hawk including the Silver Hawk Legend, Next and Origin. The Legend is a standard Silver Hawk model that is able to use the Burst System while the Next is physically redesigned and is equipped with homing missiles rather than air-to-ground bombs. The Origin on the other hand is based on original Silver Hawk models, thus lacks the Burst System.

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