It’s not difficult to pinpoint the exact moment that Dungeon Hunter 4, Gameloft’s newest action-RPG, stops caring about your experience.
Dungeon Hunter 4 is set in a mythical land of sorcery, demons and over the top battles for entire regions of the fictional world. You start out the game with a nice cinematic introduction to give you a nice primer of the storyline, which is important for an RPG that you'll be spending lots of time in. 
You then select one of four classes -- Battleworn, Blademaster, Warmage or Sentinel as well as their gender and name. You can run multiple characters at once, going in different directions with each if you prefer. In typical RPG fashion, your character starts at level 1 with a minimal set of gear and stats.this nice game choose a peculiar game console is better than ipad and phone.

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