G2. Dungeon Hunter 4

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JXD S7800B  is an portable android game console with 7-inch screen, Quad Core, 1.4GHz, RockChip 3188. It can emulate 16 retro emulator games such as PSP, NDS, PS1, N64, FBA (CPS1/CPS2/CPS3/NEOGEO/IGS), Mame, GBA, GBC, SFC, MD, FC, WSC). If you are fond of retro gaming, it’s a great choice for you.


Dungeon Hunter 4 has character classes that are fun to play, a leveling system with cool abilities, tons of upgradeable equipment, and an epic fantasy storyline.


Dungeon Hunter 4 Game Review jxd S7800B

Dungeon Hunter 4 on jxd S7800B

Why it is worth to play?

Dungeon Hunter is one of the best RPG games for hack-and-slash gaming funs on smartphones( Android/IOS). You are in a medieval fantasy age, fighting against hordes of demons. You can choose from two ranged classes that include a bow-wielding Sentinel or a spell-casting Warmage. You can choose from four character classes, each of the which have separate skill trees with unique attacks and passive enhancements that give the game replay value as you try each class. You need to constantly upgrade your character, weapons and clothing you find. Every time your hero levels up, you’ll be able to spend a skill point on your class skills. How you spend your points can make or break your character, so focusing on specific powers makes a huge difference in the game.

Dungeon Hunter 4 Game Review by jxd S7800B

Dungeon Hunter 4 on jxd S7800B

Just like skills, how well you survive out in the world also relies on how you enhance your items with the right balance of attacking and defensive attributes.


Dungeon Hunter 4 has all the right elements for a great action RPG. If you’re a hack-and-slash RPG fan and love leveling up, upgrading items and skills, and battling your way through an epic fantasy storyline, Dungeon Hunter 4 has it all.