Players can now battle each other online in six special arenas, designed for different characters. In addition, instead of battles, the players now follow the 
Three Kingdoms story in over 200 quests. Some of these quests are named "Gaiden" and include almost quarter of the total quests. Using Chi, Orbs, elemental attributes, and weapons suited to the character, players can now build an officer to what they see fit. Players can also select from a range of costumes to 
customize their avatar. Using the RPG style of leveling up, there is now a stats system where the players level up to gain these stats. These stats come in two 
groups. Weapon stats where different classes of weapon have their own skill points (Max 1000). Then there's the health, defense, attack, speed, fury and a 
machine abilities where players level up gaining these stats (Max 500).

One of the main focuses of the game is the "Fury form", or the "Awakened mode" (or Shin Musou Kakusei in Japan). Characters will have a "Fury form" that

will allow for increased stats and a new look. The game incorporates elements found in the Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2, in which players now have the ability to glide or fly and will face giant creatures on the field. Air combos are much more complex than before since Awakened characters can stay in the air longer. Activated Fury forms also sometimes temporarily modify the current moveset a player is using such as increased range and larger shockwaves. However, while in an Awakened state, a character's Musou gauge decreases. Characters can also be leveled up to level 50.

Stages are now separated into sections that require a short loading screen. On the other hand, they also have a greater emphasis on height as the game 

generally won't glitch when characters take to the sky. Strikeforce also boasts new mid-air movesets that have been incorporated into the various weapons, giving much more diversity to a character. Along with that, the ability to equip a secondary weapon for a battle also makes its first 

Warriors appearance. Equippable Chi and Orb items also lend to giving the game an RPG-styled feel to it. Chi items give numerous and unique 

abilities to a character's gameplay, to lending additional jumps, stronger attacks, Fury form usage reducing, to actual floating. Orbs give special 

bonuses to a weapon, and can increase attack power, range, and more.


Before a Mission begins, players have time to rest and prepare for their journey in a small marketplace. There are more than ten city locations in-game, each 
with their own academy, workshop, blacksmith, storehouse, and shrine. Players can also buy meat buns which are used to restore health. In a city, players can also perform various gestures and emotions, such as clapping, frowning, and jumping.

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