Hi, guys, do you still hold the opinion below? when playing games, it's hard to get the game experience on the emulators exactly the same with on  xbox\ps4 platform or on the pc with high device. Are you still complain the bad game experience when using the ordinary psp? Oh, no, you are wrong, Good news for all game fans, JXD S7800 Quad Core Gaming Handheld Console comes from JXD co, the best portable game console, the  Profess ional gaming control handle is 
as great as  xbox\ps4, with the excellent gaming visual and the USA CTS Dual Joysticks, bring you the amazing game  experience. Now Let us watch the video game. See how it runs.


JXD S7800b has a 7 inches IPS Screen,1.4GHz Quad Core,Android 4.2.2, 
 Resolution: 1280x800,2GB RAM, ARM Mali-400 MP4 GPU, whatever its  use.
Has a great CPU that provides full emulation capability to the  device and  performing other tasks on the Android system. GPU has a  simple but fulfilling  its 
function and shows its capability in more  demanding games. The battery life  can reach up to seven hours (doing  simple tasks and simple games).
The main feature is the Game Handle,it use USA CTS Dual Joysticks  and Entity  Key Layout, Extraordinary Buttons Mapping Function, bring  you the fantastic 
experiences,feel the Super Stereo,high definition  visual.In total, it is a amazing taste. 

Before, you may just allowed play FIFA 15 on xbox\ps4 platform or on the pc with high device, otherwise will run terribly.some people dream one day they can
play the game on device with reasonable price and perfectly experience. Now,JXD S7800 Quad Core  Gaming  Handheld Console made this dream come  true. 
 FiFa 15- the football game
FIFA, also known as FIFA Football or FIFA Soccer, is a series of  association football video games or football simulator, released   annually by Electronic Arts
under the EA Sports label.When the series began in late 1993, it was notable for being the first to  have an official licence from FIFA, the world governing body
of  football.  FIFA 15 is the latest release of The franchise, which is also the  22th work in the FIFA Series.It was released on September 23, 2014  in North America 
and  September 25, 2014 in Europe for multiple  gaming systems. 
Dynamic Matchday Presentation. Be immersed in iconic stadiums- Theatres of sport,you can feel the regional atmospheres. With the  commentators  reflecting 
the react of the fans,more skinful Team  Tactics and Authentic Player Visuals,you will feel fully realised  with the turly football game. 
Come on, join the Game, join FIFA,  Prove your managing skills and take your team to the ultimate prize.  This game can run perfectly on JXD s7800b, hope you 
guys enjoy!  If you like our game video, please follow us:

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