Dead Trigger 2 uses the same basic mechanics as its predecessor, but has addressed its one real shortfall: a lack of depth. Dead Trigger, for all its fun, did eventually become very, very repetitious. The linear difficulty curve also meant that you'd reach a point where your grind to the next weapon upgrade got so long and became so necessary that it didn't feel so much like the game wanted to take your money as it didn't have any more content to give you. This is a curse for many mobile titles, particularly of the free-to-play variety - developers want you to keep playing as long as humanly possible (because money), but also know that beyond a certain level of difficulty or time invested, a decreasing number of players will continue to advance in the game. Thus, content tends to be intro-to-middle heavy, and quickly tapers off past what I'd call the "peak purchase point." From an economic standpoint, it's obvious why. The problem for Dead Trigger was that the "PPP" came far too early because there wasn't enough content to keep things interesting.

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