G8. Metal Slug XX

Have you played Metal Slug XX(PSP system) on an android emulator? This is what i’ve tested.

Metal Slug XX Game Review on JXD S7800B

Metal Slug XX tested on JXD S7800B


Metal Slug XX is a side-scrolling, arcade-style, run-and-gun shooter for PSP where players can choose between six zany characters and shoot through seven action-packed levels with varying obstacles, numerous enemies, and diverging paths. Confident players can put their skills to the test by playing more than 70 mission-based trials in “Combat School.”

With its unmistakable style and personality, nostalgic gameplay, more than 70 missions, and the ability to play with a friend, Metal Slug XX is the definitive portable Metal Slug arcade experience

Gameplay is identical to the previous Metal Slugs, which in turn ripped off earlier scrolling shooters, such as Contra. The only real difference between the Metal Slug series and its predecessors is a reliance on murderous tank vehicles called slugs. Whereas something like Super C forced you to mostly blast it out on terra firma, here you frequently get the chance to wreak havoc while driving tanks, mechs, and even giant mechanical ostriches. Difficulty in the campaign is just brutal when going it alone, even if you play on beginner with unlimited continues, because the levels are geared for co-op play either locally or over the smooth and lag-free Xbox Live connection. One enemy shot takes you out, so you can easily find yourself stuck in a rut of getting killed over and over again in difficult sections of levels.

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And here is some part of the walkthrough and game guide.


Mission One

You’ll land on Garbage Island where the Rebel Army is already in full force and ready to ruin your Metal Slug XX Master attempts. Just be wary of the soldiers who can sometimes still be behind you and the Rocket soldier who will appear on top of the tower and fire at you if he is not dealt with quickly enough. Be sure to use the Rocket Launcher you’ll pick up too as you will soon pick up another good power-up weapon to replace this.

Move onto the next platform and ready yourself for a surprise drop-in from two more enemy soldiers. Melee these guys and shoot a quick rocket at the Shield soldier with his buddy behind him to quickly deal with these guys. Once you pick up a single power-up, you can press ‘LB’ to change your current weapon back to the default Heavy Machinegun. Once you pick up another power-up to fill the second slot, you need to press ‘LB’ twice to use your other power-up weapon that was already in the first slot. Moving forward there will be a more soldiers to deal with. Don’t leave the soldier who spawns behind you with the massive chain gun too much time to stand still. If he gets the time to fire his gun, the bullets come at you rapidly and can be too quick for you to dodge.

The boss is fairly easy thanks to the difficulty being set to beginner. Hit it with all you’ve got including the ‘Y’ button cannon attack on the tank. The trick to defeating this boss is to destroy each of its separate compartments along its body. This makes a slightly shorter job of defeating the boss, but simply laying into it with heavy fire power does a decent job too. The boss will attack you with junk projectiles that come from its compartments and the edges of the screen when it begins to drill the walls. Make sure you stick to the centre of the screen as much as you can as any contact with the boss will damage your tank. Once the boss is defeated, you’ll unlock your first achievement, well done!

Mission Two

Straight away you’ll come to an elevator that doesn’t go down until you kill the first wave of enemies. As you come down to the next floor, a few soldiers are ready to be killed to the left of the screen and a POW needs saving to the right. This POW rewards you with a Shotgun. The Shotgun is wonderfully powerful against infantry and vehicles but in my opinion it shouldn’t be wasted on infantry that are easy enough to kill with the Heavy Machinegun. For some reason, the enemy tank here won’t take shots at you if you stay on the elevator after it touches the ground. Take it out along with the two enemy soldiers, free the POW and move forward onto the next section.

Whip your Shotgun out here for some easy one-shot kills. The mine carts you’ll see in this section are deadly. They will drop bombs and coal on your character when you move underneath them. Take them out before they take you out, using the Shotgun makes for some easy one-shot destruction on each of these carts. Move forward after killing the enemy soldiers and freeing the POW. Moving forward, the Rebel Army are back for more. Take these guys out and stick to the bottom path of this area instead of walking along the rails. Be careful of a few more mine carts that appear and take them out as they come.

Appearing in the next section, you’ll see the Slug Truck which is specifically designed for driving along the rails of this section. The Slug Truck takes three hits before being destroyed just like the Slug Tank. Upon its destruction, you’ll have to navigate the different levelled rails on foot but hopefully it won’t come to that. If you took your time during the rail section, you should have managed to keep at least two of the extra trucks attached to your main Slug Truck. These extras prove very useful against the boss as their cannons do some impressive damage against it. Once the garbage boss is defeated and the scores and saved POWs tally up, your achievement will unlock.

Mission Three

You’ll spend a decent amount of time in Slugs during this mission, but once you’re on foot, the running from a large ball of death can be an annoying part dependant on which character you’re using.

You’ll start out walking on rails. Once across the gap, continue to wipe out the enemies and turrets as they come. You’ll see that there is a POW you can save at the end of this area. He will reward you with a Rocket Launcher in which you can put to good use if you lose your Slug in the next section. Moving onto the next section, you’ll need to get back onto the trailer as it attaches to a mechanism that will take you to the higher level. During this elevation, there’s plenty of enemies to take on above, below and on the trailer. Start spraying the cannon on the Slug so that it covers all of the screen in a 45 degree manner from the right side of the trailer. This takes out the incoming enemy soldiers and doesn’t give them a chance to fire their attack.

Arriving in the next section, you’ll be able to see the turret in the background ready to fire its pressurizing attack. Turn the lever on the box to make the Flamethrower power-up spawn. Moving forward, the turret in the background fires its shot! Once you reach the first dropping platform, quickly grip on the lever and hit ‘X’ three times to make it drop. As soon as it hits the ground, quickly unblock the path by destroying the obstacle in the way with a set of Vulcan Punches. On the last slope, free the POW’s if you want to for a Thunder Shot power-up and some grenade ammo, then quickly pull the last lever and make your escape straight into the next boss battle.

After the boss crumbles and its head falls to the ground, the mission is a flawless success and you’ll have earned the achievement.

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