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G11. Godfire: Rise of Prometheus is an action game developed by Vivid Games and released on iOS. It is a time of legends…a time of heroes, gods and mythical creatures. The Godfire Spark is an object of unlimited power, forged in the heavens and jealously guarded by the gods. Determined to share the Godfire with all humankind, Prometheus plots to steal it and deliver its awesome power to the mortal world of men. Seizing his chance, Prometheus grabs the Godfire Spark and a mighty battle ensues in the skies as the Titans battle for ultimate control of their most prized possession. Just as Prometheus becomes triumphant in battle, he is sent plunging to earth, the Spark falling from his grasp and into the depths of the human world below. Now amongst the mortals, Prometheus must embark upon an epic quest to recover the Spark and fulfill his destiny to deliver it to all humanity.

GodFire: Rise of Prometheus Game Review on JXD S7800B

GodFire: Rise of Prometheus Gameplay on JXD S7800B

 The game is broken up into a series of levels, and rewards you upon your completion of each with items and skill points depending on how well you did. The basic controls in Godfire are fairly straight-forward. Outside of battle, use the onscreen analog on the left to move Prometheus around, and tap the contextual icons that appear on the right to interact with certain objects. Tapping Prometheus’s portrait will allow you to spend any coin you have to upgrade his current equipment, or distribute earned points to currently increase his statistics. Battles make up the core of the game, and can be anything from one-on-one boss fights to nasty skirmishes against multiple foes. In combat, the left analog will make Prometheus roll and dodge, while the shield icon above it will cause him to defend when held. The two icons on the right represent light and heavy attacks, and tapping them in special orders can unlock powerful combos, so try not to mash too much. In the upper-left corner you’ll see a red bar that indicates your health, but below that is a yellow bar that, when full, allows you to unleash powerful special attacks by holding down the heavy attack icon. If you die, you can either restart from the last checkpoint, or spend in-game cash to keep fighting without losing any progress in your current battle.

God Fire Game Review on JXD S7800B

God Fire on JXD S7800B


Wondering where are the weapons and armor you obtained in the dungeon located?, go to the armory and scroll down in the corresponding tab, all weapons are shown, not only those that have been unlocked, you can then tap on equip if it’s available.

Once you get an item, you first need to identify it before you can equip it, this action costs credits, so make sure you always have at least 1k credits saved at all times.

You can carry two perks at the same time.

How to use perks? Perk action buttons appear at the right time in some parts of the dungeon, in cases where you actually need to use them, like Ariadne’s Thread.

You don’t get to choose the stages in story mode, you simply keep completing them and heading to the next one.

If you die in normal mode, you can resuscitate your character by spending credits, if you have them.

The game does have a Cloud Saving option, use it!

Some weapons or armors are split into pieces through different dungeons, make sure to carefully explore each corner in order to find them.

God Fire Game Review on JXD S7800B

God Fire on JXD S7800B


By tapping on settings and then the library icon you access the statistics report of your entire play session so far, both for Story Mode and Survival Mode, the stats reported are: Kills, Gold, Achievements, Deaths, Items, Rank Points, Sacrifice to Gods and Perfect Finishers.