G23. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is played from a third-person perspective in an open world environment, allowing the player to interact with the game world at their leisure. The game takes place in 1986, when player character and protagonist Tommy Vercetti is released from prison and dispatched by Sonny Forelli, head of the Forelli Mafia family in Liberty City, to Vice City for the establishment of a narcotics deal. Unfortunately, as the deal was almost complete, gunmen attack the meeting and kill several other men, while Tommy flees, leaving the drugs and the Forelli-supplied money behind. Together with lawyer Ken Rosenberg and with no money, Tommy is forced to find the party responsible for the attack, and eventually seize power of the city. You, the player, will take the role of Tommy Vercetti after he arrives in Vice City.

Tommy Vercetti, a loyal former member of the Forelli Family, has been sent south from Liberty City to Vice City, Florida to do some business; some drug business, with some unsavory cats who just might have it in for you. But the deal goes sour and you have to figure out what went wrong and survive the streets of Vice City. Who knows? Maybe there will be some opportunities for expansion…

The gameplay is very open-ended, a characteristic of the Grand Theft Auto franchise; although missions must be completed to complete the storyline and unlock new areas of the city, the player is able to drive around and visit different parts of the city at his or her leisure and otherwise, do whatever they wish if not currently in the middle of a mission. Various items such as hidden weapons and packages are also scattered throughout the landscape, as it has been with previous GTA titles.

Walkthrough (Ken Rosenberg)

An edgy lawyer who’s hopelessly addicted to alcohol and cocaine, Ken will provide you with the initial stepping stones you’ll need to move up in the city.

The Pary (Reward: $100)

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. A large L will be visible on your miniradar in the bottom-left corner of your screen. This represents your lawyer, Ken Rosenberg. Visit him to start your first mission.
. You’re going to a party. The first thing you need to do is get a change of clothes. Simply drive south to the shirt icon on your map and step on the marketer to get suited up.
. Now drive to Col. Cortez’s boat and get to know the powerful players in the city. The Colonel will ask you for a personal favor; take his daughter to the Pole Position club.It’s marked on your radar, so simply escort her to the location safely. You shouldn’t run into any trouble unless you go out of your way to make some.

Back-Alley Brawl (Reward: $200 )


. Search the alleys behind your hotel for a baseball bat or brass knuckles if you like. Head to the Malibu club to talk to Kent Paul. Have a brief chat with him to pick up your next objective.
. Targets are always indicated by yellow markers. Find yours and beat him to a bloody pulp. Welcome to the bleeding edge of 1980s technology. You’ve acquired a cell phone.
. You’ll now meet Lance, who will lend you a gun. The chef you’ve murdered has angry friends with sharp cleavers. You can kill them or run from them, but you’ll need to make it to Lance’s car.
. Drive the slick vehicle to the Ammu-Nation on your radar. You can go in and browse if you like. Drive back to the hotel to complete the mission.

Jury Fury (Reward: $800)

Special Notes: Following this mission you’ll receive your first assassination mission. You should head to the pay phone when you want to accept the mission.

. You need to change a jury’s mind by causing some vehicle damage. A hammer will become available as you walk outside. Press L1 to pick it up if you’re already carrying a melee weapon.

. Head to one of the yellow dots and get ready to go to work. Make sure the cops aren’t around when you’re doing your smashing, or you could have trouble. Once you’ve done both cars, you’re up several hundred dollars.

Riot (Reward: $1000)

Special Note: You can now take jobs from Avery Carrington. Cortez will also contact you. You can take missions from him by heading to the C on your map by the marina. You’ll also be able to pick up the coverall outfit from the tool shop in North Point Mall.

. Time to incite your first riot. Head to Rafael’s for a change of clothing before heading to the pink dot on your radar.
. Run through the crowd punching and kicking wildly to stir up trouble. Once you’ve maimed/killed four different people, the riot will begin. Use the opportunity to destroy the three vans in the lot.
. You can destroy the vans any way you choose, but the simplest way is to bring the van on the left right next to the ones on the right before taking out the explosive red barrel. The chain reaction should engulf all three vans.

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