JXD S601 is an Android based handheld game console. When you buy this device it comes preloaded with a lot of emulators and games. The unit itself comes in either glossy black or Wii white. There is a D-Pad on the left hand side and just below this there is what appears to be an analogue stick but it is actually a D-Pad. Both D-Pads are identical, they cannot be reprogrammed seperately. On the right hand side there are 4 buttons for gaming plus there are 2 shoulder buttons. There is also a Menu button, a Back button, a Select Button and a Start Button. One of the 4 gaming buttons is identical to the Back button. The screen is a 4.3 inch resistive touch screen with a resolution of 480x272. To use the touch with any success I would recommend using a stylus. The sound comes from one speaker but with headphones in its in stereo. Battery seems to last about 3-4 hours with no problems. Finally the device has built in Wi-Fi.

Most people will be purchasing this device for gaming. There are emulators that come ready loaded and there are more that can be added. If you like NES, SNES, Sega Master System, Sega Megadrive/Genesis, PC Engine, MAME you will not be disappointed. All these emulators run brilliantly and you can configure the buttons to suit. There is an emulator for the N64 which is very good but the problem the device has is there is no analogue stick. Games like Mario Kart and StarFox are very playable as are probably most of them. If you need information on ROMs please use Google. The device has a web browser you can try to use it.