This is the 1996 Neo Geo classic faithfully rendered on iOS thanks to Dotemu. This is run ’n gun action full of big guns, handy grenades, mobile tanks, POWs to save, and enemies. Lots and lots of enemies. They’re usually resistant to bullets or just in the most annoying places, too. Such is the life of a lone commando: the odds are stacked against him. Thankfully, a friend can join in via Bluetooth! 
The game holds up well, even with sequels available, because the gameay still stands out. Few other series have tried to emulate the madcap antics of this one, from the detailed and fluid animation to the giant boss battles, and the bizarre whimsy that pervades the game. There’s just funny moments amongst the chaos. While the game is 4:3 and looks like it’s not widescreen-compatible when first launching the game, it actually is. The display can be stretched to 16:9 or just 4:3, or set to a windowed option that’s pixel-ratio accurate to the original resolution. Scanline options are also available. It's got iPad support and works with iCade-compatible controllers.
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