G27. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is a 2014 Action-adventure game based on the Marvel Comics superhero Spider-Man. The game begins with Peter having a flashback to the night Uncle Ben was killed. He remembers Uncle Ben’s murderer fleeing from the store and Peter refusing to help the cashier of the store, saying it’s “not his problem”. He begins walking home when he hears someone cry for help and a gunshot sounds off. Peter investigates and to his horror discovers Uncle Ben lying on the ground bleeding, where he eventually dies.

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The game retains its open world gameplay of previous entries in the franchise. The game’s free roam area of Manhattan is more expansive, spacious and detailed than that of the previous game’s, and most of the story takes place in the open world. In addition to advanced combat and upgrades, there is different types of webbing, and web-slinging is similar to that of Spider-man 2 and its subsequent based games.

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The game re-innovated the web swinging mechanic, allowing for a more interactive and engaging experience swinging through New York City’s open world. Players playing on console systems will now web swing using the left and right triggers of the controllers. The left and right triggers take control of Spider-Man’s left and right hands, respectively (example, if a building appears on the left, the player is better suited to use the left trigger and if one appears on the right, the player would be better suited to use the right trigger to swing.) Both triggers can be held at the same time which allows players to boost Spider-Man’s swing speed.

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The player is able to upgrade Spider-Man’s web shooters. During certain sections of the game, the player can control Spider-Man’s alter ego Peter Parker and walk around doing detective work. Players have access to Peter Parker’s home, and his room allows players to replay missions from the main storyline, purchase upgrades and equip the various costumes available. Audio logs of many characters can be collected from all around the city.Players can use the metro to go back to Peter Parker’s home.

Additionally, new enemy types have been introduced. Armored guards can be taken down either with a stealth attack or by the lonic web upgrade, which allows players to break down armor, thus leaving the guard vulnerable to damage.

Furthermore, the city has been expanded to incorporate unique districts that allow for more open space to the player. The crimes from the first game have been expanded on, but it also includes new crimes such as arson and hostage situations. The crimes also progress dynamically, such as fighting criminals on the street then chasing one that gets away in a vehicle. Unlike the previous game, there will be constant random side activities. Additionally, the use of the Web-Rush system returns and has been expanded on from the previous game, now allowing for critical strikes, dodges and rolls. There are also new upgrades and abilities introduced into the game, some of which have been expanded on from the previous game.

The player can, as before, use their in-game smart phone to access the map, which provides the player with information of activities taking place in the area at the time. Players can use the map to track current activities and missions the player will be able to participate in throughout the game.

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Missions include:


a. Photo Investigation: Players must use their camera to take a photo of a suspicious situation
b. Task Force: if you are viewed as a menace, the Task Force will appear as officers, robots, and turrets to eliminate you if the crime rate is up in New York
c. Police Deadlock: Players must aid the police in defeating the criminals
d. Rescue: Players must help civilians in need of assistance
e. Russian Hideouts: Players must infiltrate Russian hideouts in order to recover stolen Oscorp technology

Players will also use the in-game smart phone to manage in-game messages and upgrades for their suit and skills.

Missions have been altered to fit players’ play style. Rather than players navigating through a linear level, levels have been redesigned to be more open, allowing players to explore the map and providing them with different ways to approach the mission. Players can now choose between a silent, stealth approach and a combative, open approach to engage their enemies. Additionally, stealth based attacks have been improved since the previous
entry, since players are now able to silently take down enemies from a distance. Players are able to silently take down enemies from any surface the player is on, whether it be the ceiling, the wall or the ground. Players are also able to repel from their webs and perform inverted take downs on enemies.

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