I full believe someone who played MS series games.there is a big change in  Metal Slug 5,the gunner becom cooler.it has not doubt.One new addition that sticks out for me that I have a gripe about is on the Water stage, they have redrawn the enemy subs to look more like Nuclear Boomer subs, which is fine, but for some reason when they explode the detail in the explosions is missing. Where there used to be a little smoke and fire, plus an unmistakable effect of the sub 'imploding'...now these kinda just separate into a bunch of pieces and that’s it. They could have put some more detail into that effect.

The "monster"is stronger than before.the more bullet,the better.There are plenty of Slugs to use, nicely spaced throughout the game, but I did find spots that were bare of any power-ups.There are parts of the game that are just screaming for a power-up, like stage 2 when you are meandering up the staircases, you use up your Heavy MG on some hovercrafts launching missiles, then after that you get nothing for quite awhile, and let me tell you, they throw a lot of guys and enemy slugs at you on this part.

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