SoulCalibur is a weapon-based 3D fighting game developed by Project Soul and produced by Namco. It is the second game in the Soul series, preceded by Soul Edge (1996). Originally released in arcades in 1998, it ran on the Namco System 12 hardware. In 1999 it was ported to the Dreamcast with improved graphics and new features.
The North American version was released in September 1999 as a launch title for the Dreamcast and was part of the successful launch of the new console. It became available as a downloadable title on Xbox 360's Xbox Live 
Marketplace in 2008.
Developed closely with Namco's Tekken development team, it is one of few home console ports that outdid their arcade parent graphics-wise. The title brought many innovations to the fighting game genre that include a heavy emphasis on weapons and a unique eight-way movement system.
Soulcalibur is widely regarded as one of the best Dreamcast titles and is one of the most critically acclaimed fighting games of all time.
Soulcalibur was originally planned to be a dramatic overhaul, featuring only a few select characters to be carried over from Soul Edge. However, nine of the 11 characters from Soul Edge ended up carrying over to Soulcalibur by the time the roster was finalized in the Dreamcast version, with an additional ten new characters joining the ranks (in the South Korean version of the game, Mitsurugi was replaced by an English-Japanese swordsman named Arthur.
As with many fighting games, many of the new characters were heavily styled after already existing characters from the franchise. For example, new character Maxi has a fighting style and moveset influenced by Soul Edge's Li Long (the only of the original starting  characters not to return). In fact, Soulcalibur only added one original playing style, belonging to Ivy.
New characters Xianghua, Maxi, Yoshimitsu,  Astaroth, Kilik, Nightmare and Lizardman were based upon existing characters Hwang, Li Long, Mitsurugi, Rock, Seong Mi-na, Siegfried and  Sophitia. Consequently, Namco has been working since Soulcalibur to gradually separate the individual styles of the characters in order to make  each one unique.

The original battle mode from the arcade version “SOULCALIBUR”. 
Defeat all enemies and make it to the end.
How fast can you beat the game?
With only a limited amount of life, how many opponents can you defeat?
How many opponents can you defeat without taking any damage?
Enjoy viewing a variety of artwork
Grasp the game’s basics and perfect your technique.

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