It's grounded in a real world where people can't jump twenty feet in the air and land a precise kick to the jaw of their foe, a real world where kicking a man repeatedly in the head makes you tired, a real world where running away is a perfectly valid defensive tactic. And it plays wonderfully. It's a smooth experience, thanks in part to some great touchscreen controls, and in part to that lack of chained moves. There are just less things to go wrong here.due to the perfect device,it can operate free.

when you finish reading the game discription.i think there is a question that you ask me.what's game console of video.That is JXD 7800B video game can see the professional joystick,which make process successful.7inch IPS screen come out high definition game tablet.finding more games in game center,which called "happy chick".please click this link,more secret wait you to explore.