As a fan of the Dragon Ball Z anime from the ‘90s, I’m attracted to fast action, destructible environments, and colorful beams of light that can blow up planets. Battle of Z has all of that and more, but even a Solar Flare to the face couldn’t blind me to its simplistic fighting and useless AI teammates. Battle of Z’s gorgeous environments and brilliantly modeled cel-shaded characters create the illusion of being a true Super Saiyan, but not much more.
Despite a deceptively tough learning curve, the combat is pretty bare-bones. Every one of the over 70 playable characters can use melee and ranged attacks and do some sort of powerful blast after charging up, all of which makes up 90 percent of the combat. As a result the fighting can feel shallow and repetitive after a while, which is a shame for a game solely based around world-destroying battles. I would have loved to see combo attacks or the ability to counter an opponent’s barrage of punches, but these options simply don’t exist.
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