Wipeout Pure is a 2005 video game in the Wipeout series for the PSP. Like previous installments, Pure takes you to a futuristic world of combat racing. On each track, you can pick up high-tech weapons and power-ups to help you push your craft ahead of the competition. Explore all-new environments while listening to an up-tempo soundtrack featuring various artists.

We played this game on JXD S7800b, as you see, everything is running perfectly. JXD S7800b is very powerful with a quad core processor, 8GB RAM, Micro SD slot (32GB max), 1200 x 800 touchscreen display, built in game controller and HDMI output. It plays all the emulators that I have downloaded from the google play store without issue. It can also be used as a standard android tablet as well.


Pure uses the Wi-Fi ability of the PSP for multiplayer racing. The added features of the European version as compared to the US version of the game has unfortunately caused the two versions to be incompatible for the purposes of Wi-Fi multiplayer.

The game introduces the player to the FX300 Racing League, announced 25 years after the sport came to an abrupt end by controversial disaster that led to hiatus for nearly 15 years, which would not begin until October 2170; Anti-Gravity Racing did not officially end in that year. It also introduces two new teams to the series, each from very contrasting backgrounds: Harimau, an Asian humanitarian organisation which started operating in 2177; and Triakis, an arms-manufacturing conglomerate which looked to Anti-Gravity racing to exhibit their products.